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Grandpa's Goody Getter


Grandpa's Goody Getter was created in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. And now, we are offering them for all to enjoy all over our great country.

"Grandpa's Goody Getter" so easy, children can operate it. Designed originally for the hardest shell nut, the BLACK WALNUT, it can crack virtually any nut with minimal effort. If the nut will fit in the press, you can crack it...Yes, we have come across one or two that were too big to get in the press. However, 99% are accommodated. You get to decide on what size nut meats you want.

Operating the "Goody Getter" is so easy. You move the handle rearward to open the spring loaded rams and insert the nut to be cracked. Then allow the handle to come forward taking the slack out of the rams contacting the nut. The press is spring loaded and self adjusting to the size of the nut to be cracked. Now, place your index finger and thumb of your free hand gently around the middle of the nut, now pull the handle forward compressing the nut until your fingers feel the nut crack all the way around its midsection. Move the handle back to center and then on rearward opening the jaws allowing the nut to be removed while you hold it with your fingers. You will now be able to separate the remaining pieces and be amazed at how large the chunks of nut meats are.. IT IS THAT SIMPLE, plus the more you use it, the easier it is to operate. The next thing you know, you'll be cracking nuts left and right.

Biography - My father, Basil Bacon, is a Navy veteran. Built a successful furniture business. Retired after 32 years as a professional tournament bass fisherman. Invented the four blade prop for outboard engines as well as other fishing and marine related products. Partnered in a president of a custom stainless steel propeller business. Right now, he enjoy his time with families, traveling, hunting and fishing.

Biography - Dennis Bacon is a profound deaf, love the outdoors, fishing bass tournaments, worked for Square D company as assembly line, production leader, punch press operator for 29 years, worked with suppliers, graduated Information Technology in Associate of Applied Science degree at MACC. His favorite quote is "Any Impossible is Any Possible".

When my father developed this machine he intended to start his own manufacturing facility. In order to determine costs he produced a run of 25 units by himself in his little workshop. The cracker has so many parts that required welding and machining and is labor intensive he discovered it would have to sell for at least $200. No one is going to pay that much for a nut cracker.

My father is an amazing inventor and is a staunch believer in making all we can here at home. When he retired he needed some extra income with my Social Security and in later he turned his business over to his son, Dennis Bacon who helped this business blossoming. My father still tries to find a solution to see the product performance at top notch.

He felt this was an extremely good product and would be good for the people who enjoy cracking nuts so He went to Taiwan and imported them. A friend of his in Sullivan, Mo. owned the company in China that makes them now so some of it comes home. Dennis is working on changing from China supplier to a different and best supplier in 2019 and future. His goal to see our product made in USA someday which is not easy task to do. NOTE: We have them in stock now.

This unit is made to my father's exact specifications on all measurements and quality of material.

With the EBay, Amazon, Esty and our own website in place my distribution costs are fixed we have an excellent avenue to sell them at this price. Normal retail distribution systems would be much higher.

Wish it could be done here BUT we work on our goal what we can accomplish.