GGG visit McDonald

GGG visit McDonald

I received a comment and have to share this one. They were so sweet and fun to share together at McDonald. Let me copy and paste:

Mr Bacon,
I LOVE my new Grandpas Goody Getter!!!  It arrived three days ago and has been a BIG hit with my friends.

I took it to my coffee group at our local McDonald's and everyone wanted to try it. Their first question was "what is that?". Then "where did you find it"?

The guys in the group reminisced about using a hammer and a hard surface to pound black walnuts out of their shells. Also sharing how often they smacked a finger or two.

The shears were a big hit too. The guys all said they needed a pair. Also we all agreed if we had more than one sheer we could work even faster.

I ordered more sheers today. I've done 250 blackwalnuts today. This is the slickest nut cracker ever.

Many thanks.





They had a good time to share. That was so neat.


Dennis Bacon

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