Unboxing the New U.S.A.-Assembled Grandpa’s Goody Getter

Unboxing the New U.S.A.-Assembled Grandpa’s Goody Getter


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GGG recently gave me a new nut cracker at no-charge to photograph, write a blog and get my reaction on video to the new-and-improved version. It is a first production model, so it didn’t come in its retail box.
I was very excited to get it.
The company has been working for years to move production from overseas to the U.S.A. And now the super tough nut cracker is proudly assembled-In-the-U.S.A. With 40% or so of Parts made in the United States., the machines are put together and packaged at a facility in Missouri near the Ozark Mountains.
I loved the old model, in fact, I own two of them. I attach them directly to a table I bought just for cracking nuts. They crack black walnuts and other tough nuts easily and very effectively.
Yes, the U.S.A. machine costs more than the older model made overseas. But I think the fact that it was built in the U.S.A. and all the improvements made to it is certainly worth paying more.
There are several things that make this new version better than the predecessor.
Because it is made in Missouri, the owners of the company have better quality control. They can oversee any problem and fix it before shipping.
The first thing you notice is the new paint job. It’s a very high quality powder-coat paint. The new color is bright and lively. I loved the gold color of the old one. This new color looks yellow to me. I wish it was a deeper gold. The old version has the decent-quality paint but might peel off in the long run. The new paint looks good and is more durable.
They Improved overall quality of all parts. You can really tell the difference. The old parts were decent, but some parts had rough surfaces. With the new version, you will notice a more smooth, polished surface on the main parts. And even the bolts and other hardware look like they are a better value.
I also like that it’s ambidextrous. You can install the handle on the right or left, easily. It wasn’t this way on the old version.
But, the best and most important part, is that It cracks even better than ever before, certainly easier than the old version. Because all the parts are higher quality and smooth, polished, the action of cracking black walnuts is smooth. Pulling the handle all the way down flows so easy and the rams crack the nut completely with precision pressure, cutting the shell in the right spots, so that the nut just falls apart in your hand. You get big chunks of nutmeat with not a ton of effort. There is no guessing game on how hard you need to pull on the handle. It “automatically” cracks the nut perfectly.
Plus, the GGG machine has a Lifetime Guarantee/Warranty. But this nut cracker is built so well, I doubt you will ever need that. And it has Free Shipping when you purchase.
So, after opening the box and playing with it: Yes, I think “The WORLD’s BEST Black Walnut Cracker” just got better. Thanks, Grandpa. Learn more at grandpasgoodygetter.com.
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