Bowl is full, and there's still more to crack.

Bowl is full, and there's still more to crack.

Following the GGG’s instruction sheet on preparing and cracking black walnuts, especially the step on soaking nuts in water before you crack them, will lead you to bowls overflowing with big chunks of kernels.

Contributor – JJ Reich

A big bowl of nutmeat: My happy place.

NEW Black Walnut Nut Cracker

NEW Black Walnut Nut Cracker

New Version


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It’s fall, which means falling leaves, and beautiful almost bare black walnut trees.

Did you know that typically black walnut trees are some of the last trees to grow their leaves in the spring, and some of the first ones to lose them in the fall?

Contributor – JJ Reich




Buy Shears!!

Buy Shears!!

Nix the nutpick! Picks poke and break apart nutmeats. Shears precisely cut nutshells off to free full and chunky nutmeats.


Contributor - JJ Reich

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