Black Walnuts are a Wild Crop To Forage


Black Walnuts are a Wild Crop To Forage

By @BlackWalnutDaddy
Black walnut is a name (generic term) for the wild walnuts native to North America. There are several species, one main species east of the Rocky Mountains, and several other species in California, Arizona, Texas and Mexico. These nuts grow widely in the Midwest, and many other eastern and southern states throughout the U.S.A. Even as far north as Minnesota and Canada have black walnuts thriving in the wild, as well as residential areas.
Black walnuts nuts are known for their incredible, rich fruity flavor. Their gourmet taste is popular and sought-after. However, in the nut industry, they are the hardest nut to crack. That is why they are rarely used as an ingredient in commercial restaurants and foods.
However, collecting and processing black walnuts is a big business in the Midwest, especially in Missouri and neighboring states. Processors harvest the nuts and the shells. The hard shells are sought after in commercial scrubbing and cleaning supplies, cat litter and much more. Because of this, harvested bulk nuts are available for purchase.
Black Walnuts have a stronger flavor than the cultivated English walnut, that some describe as “fruitier” and more flavorful. Fans of the nut describe their taste as wilder, concentrated, and even a touch more bitter. To many, they taste amazingly wonderful!
Common walnuts you buy in stores are English (also called Persian) walnuts. These are larger and easier to shell than black walnuts. The difference in taste has also been compared to the difference between cream and skim milk, grouse and chicken, a wild strawberry and one of those huge, big-farm strawberries cultivated in California or Mexico. The taste of black walnuts is simply different. A better different.
A handful of black walnuts are excellent to eat plain or used when baking a cake, cookies, brownie. or even used in a cream sauce on a chicken or grouse breast. Options for black walnut recipes are seemingly endless, many of which don't require a lot of walnuts, due to their rich flavor. The flavor is also so good and strong that many recipes say just half the number of black walnuts will fully replace the flavor of English walnuts. Many prefer black walnuts over regular ones any time without question.
You can find sources to purchase shelled black walnuts, or you can shell them yourself. Harvesting nuts and fruits, plus processing them into ingredients is not an easy task, it does require a lot of time, resources and some tools.
Access to black walnuts is typically free. You can find them forging on public land, and many private landowners will grant you permission to take them. Truth be told, blankets of black walnuts on lawns and fields are quite messy and cumbersome. Especially for lawn mowers. They can also stain driveways and sidewalks or twist an ankle if someone has an accident when stepping on them. They can be seen as a ugly, messy, nuisance and people are likely to want them collected and gone. The opportunity to forage for black walnuts is out there. Go for it!
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Broken shears - What to Do?

Broken shears - What to Do?


We can help you with that broken shears. We share the photos what to do with the broken ones. Just grind and reuse till no reuse again. Here are:









Other way to do - see other photos below:












Done.. all to go and reuse. Enjoy your cracking!!


GGG visit McDonald

GGG visit McDonald

I received a comment and have to share this one. They were so sweet and fun to share together at McDonald. Let me copy and paste:

Mr Bacon,
I LOVE my new Grandpas Goody Getter!!!  It arrived three days ago and has been a BIG hit with my friends.

I took it to my coffee group at our local McDonald's and everyone wanted to try it. Their first question was "what is that?". Then "where did you find it"?

The guys in the group reminisced about using a hammer and a hard surface to pound black walnuts out of their shells. Also sharing how often they smacked a finger or two.

The shears were a big hit too. The guys all said they needed a pair. Also we all agreed if we had more than one sheer we could work even faster.

I ordered more sheers today. I've done 250 blackwalnuts today. This is the slickest nut cracker ever.

Many thanks.





They had a good time to share. That was so neat.


Dennis Bacon

Homemade Nut Tumbler by George

Homemade Nut Tumbler by George

Great idea from George. He made a nut tumbler to sort the nutmeats and shells.

He said "Did I ever show you the tumbler I made to rid nutmeats of any little pieces of shells?
I toss in a couple handfuls of nuts, give the crank a few turns, and the fines and shell bits fall into the pan under the tumbler, while the larger sections tumble to the front and into another pan leaving me with the nice large nutmeats that people like.
It works slick, ridding the nutmeats of those pesky little shell piece."


It is so neat creative design.

Hey Sweetheart to Crack Together

Hey Sweetheart to Crack Together

We at Grandpa's Goodie Getter obviously adore black walnuts! But more importantly, we cherish all the family and friends who we share the love of this amazing natural resource with.

Happy Valentine's Day!


All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas

All I Want For Christmas Is A New 3G Nut Cracker!

Santa was busy this year, delivering some 3G Nut Crackers featuring the new 2020 yellow model on the label of the shipping boxes.


Recently Published in The Midwesterner!

Recently Published in The Midwesterner!

This past September an article entitled "A Better Way to Crack a Black Walnut" was published in The Midwesterner! This subscriber-only E-newsletter publishes writing about Midwestern culture, with a focus on food and agriculture.



Unboxing the New U.S.A.-Assembled Grandpa’s Goody Getter

Unboxing the New U.S.A.-Assembled Grandpa’s Goody Getter


Transcript below:

GGG recently gave me a new nut cracker at no-charge to photograph, write a blog and get my reaction on video to the new-and-improved version. It is a first production model, so it didn’t come in its retail box.
I was very excited to get it.
The company has been working for years to move production from overseas to the U.S.A. And now the super tough nut cracker is proudly assembled-In-the-U.S.A. With 40% or so of Parts made in the United States., the machines are put together and packaged at a facility in Missouri near the Ozark Mountains.
I loved the old model, in fact, I own two of them. I attach them directly to a table I bought just for cracking nuts. They crack black walnuts and other tough nuts easily and very effectively.
Yes, the U.S.A. machine costs more than the older model made overseas. But I think the fact that it was built in the U.S.A. and all the improvements made to it is certainly worth paying more.
There are several things that make this new version better than the predecessor.
Because it is made in Missouri, the owners of the company have better quality control. They can oversee any problem and fix it before shipping.
The first thing you notice is the new paint job. It’s a very high quality powder-coat paint. The new color is bright and lively. I loved the gold color of the old one. This new color looks yellow to me. I wish it was a deeper gold. The old version has the decent-quality paint but might peel off in the long run. The new paint looks good and is more durable.
They Improved overall quality of all parts. You can really tell the difference. The old parts were decent, but some parts had rough surfaces. With the new version, you will notice a more smooth, polished surface on the main parts. And even the bolts and other hardware look like they are a better value.
I also like that it’s ambidextrous. You can install the handle on the right or left, easily. It wasn’t this way on the old version.
But, the best and most important part, is that It cracks even better than ever before, certainly easier than the old version. Because all the parts are higher quality and smooth, polished, the action of cracking black walnuts is smooth. Pulling the handle all the way down flows so easy and the rams crack the nut completely with precision pressure, cutting the shell in the right spots, so that the nut just falls apart in your hand. You get big chunks of nutmeat with not a ton of effort. There is no guessing game on how hard you need to pull on the handle. It “automatically” cracks the nut perfectly.
Plus, the GGG machine has a Lifetime Guarantee/Warranty. But this nut cracker is built so well, I doubt you will ever need that. And it has Free Shipping when you purchase.
So, after opening the box and playing with it: Yes, I think “The WORLD’s BEST Black Walnut Cracker” just got better. Thanks, Grandpa. Learn more at
Follow me on Instagram at @BlackWalnutDaddy.
New Video Introduces the New USA-Built Nut Cracker

New Video Introduces the New USA-Built Nut Cracker

Two new videos were posted to the GGG web site. The first is a 6-minute demonstration video on the 2020 NEW VERSION of the Grandpa's Goody Getter, proudly built in the Ozark Mountains! The second is a quick chat about shears. Please check them out.
Contributor - JJ Reich